• 1.What is the Brava system?
    The Brava breast enhancement system looks like a pair of oversized hard-shelled bra. It was invented by Dr. Roger Khouri in 1999. You need to wear Brava to sleep for 10 consecutive weeks to progressively enlarge the breasts. The result is permanent.
  • 2.How does Brava work?
    Brava works by sustained gentle stretching of the breast tissue, to stimulate more breast tissue growth. This principle has been used in various fields of medicine for more than 30 years, such as the reconstructive surgery for post-mastectomy patients.
  • 3.Is Brava safe?
    Brava is safe and effective. Up until now, over 40,000 women have used Brava, spanning a period of 13 years. We have not seen any serious or permanent adverse effects. You may have some mild skin irritations initially when wearing Brava, but that will subside after a while.
  • 4. Am I a candidate for Brava?
    Brava is the ideal choice for women who are looking for breast enhancement or lifting but do not want surgery. Most healthy women can use Brava, unsuitable conditions include pregnancy, breast-feeding, still in puberty, and a history of breast cancer. Please see us to find out more.
  • 5. How can I buy Brava?
    You can come to see us at our centre, or call us on (852) 25221115
  • 6. What results can I expect with Brava?
    According to clinical studies, wearing Brava for 13 weeks will increase breast volume by an average of 108 cc, wearing Brava for 18 weeks will increase breast volume by an average of 155cc. You should anticipate growth of half a cup to a full cup size. The results may depend upon your nutrition status, your starting size and your intensity of wear. Most women (87.5%) are happy about their results.
  • 7. What other choices have I, apart from Brava?
    Breast pills and creams never work, and are just scams (click here for detail). Brava system is the only clinically proven non-surgical way to breast enhancement. The surgical options are autologous lipotransfer breast augmentation, and silicone implant breast augmentation.

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